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Sunrise Resort

Please take the time to read through the following policies, as some are old and some are new. All are here to define expectations and keep everyone safe and and on the same page. We want you to enjoy everything we have to offer while staying with us! We look forward to hosting you.

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Cabin Check In 4:00pm

(no exceptions without prior approval)

Check Out 9:00am

RV Rental Sites Check In 12:00 pm

Check Out 11:00 am

 We need every extra minute to ensure your cabin is ready for your arrival. We pride ourselves on providing an immaculate cabin for you. You are welcome to come early and launch your boat to enjoy the lake, but if you plan on doing so please make sure you have arrangements in place where you do not need any access to your cabin before the 4:00 arrival time. 

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Reservations and Deposits

Upon reserving your cabin, we reserve the right to require a minimum stay at any time during the season. At the time of booking we will request a 50% deposit which is required within 2 weeks of booking.
* All credit card payments will be assessed a 4% surcharge fee, All rates are subject to change at any time, please call or email for the most up to date information.
MN Tax is 7.375% plus a standard 3% lodging tax

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Pet Policy 

Pets are allowed at Sunrise Resort with permission only.We love dogs as much as you do. While you are here, we do ask you follow a few simple rules so our furry friends can enjoy the resort for many years to come! 

  • Please keep your dog(s) on a leash at all times, We have to respect everyone while at the resort.

  • Please make sure that your dog(s) are not left alone in the cabins or tied up outside. We do not allow dogs on the furniture or beds and if you must leave them behind, please bring a comfortable crate they are used to. 

  • Please remember, if your dog gnaws on furniture, chews on stuff, or isn't potty trained, it will end up costing you. 

  • We ask that you promptly clean up after your dog(s) when they do their business. 

  • Please be courteous of other guests, do not swim at the beach with your dog, there are lots of other areas where they can play. Also if you want to play fetch off the dock, please find one clear of other guests.


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Smoking Policy 

There is No Smoking in any of our cabins, however Smokers are more then welcome. Please be considerate of future guests and smoke outside at all times. An additional cleaning fee of $150 will be charged to your cabin if you smoke indoors.

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Boat and Pontoon Rental Policy

We want to help you get out there and safely explore the beautiful waters of Voyagers National Park, to do so we have a variety of fishing boats and pontoons for you to rent from us. Please take a look at the rental policy and guidelines so you know what to expect when you get here.

Renters and Operators/ Passengers

  • All renters must be 21 years of age or older and have a valid drivers license or State ID to keep on file for the rental agreement.

  • All operators must have prior knowledge and boating experience and understand the "basics" of the watercraft and all additional rented  equipment included with watercraft.

  • Operators must possess the knowledge of the makers and buoys on the lake and understand navigational rules. 

  • Driver agrees to abide by all MN Boating Laws. MN DNR Books are available at our office, You will also find all of your fishing and hunting rules in here.

  • Operators and renters must be aware and assume all risks for the multiple hazards of Lake Kabetogama. Namaken, Sand Point, Crane and Rainy Lake or any other body of water that can be reached like the Ash River. Some of the hazards like rocks are not marked well, always be cautious, Never, take this lake for granted. the weather can turn fast also. Please always travel with an emergency bag packed just incase. It can happen to the best of us out there. Renter/ Operator will assume all risk of damage to rental equipment. We have installed navigational equipment and provide maps as well but it is your responsibility to verify safe routes and prepare for potential hazards. At anytime during your rental period damage occurs, please let us know right away, that way we can help and assist you as needed plus prepare for the needed repairs, all these things save time and money for everyone involved.

  • A rental agreement will have to be reviewed and signed prior to Sunrise Resort releasing a watercraft to you for your use. The person who signs our contract will be the primary user and ultimately responsible at the end of the day, regardless of who is operating the watercraft.

  • Only those present at time of boating instructions and named drivers on the contract with a copy of the DL or ID are allowed to operate the watercraft at anytime.

  • Please make sure everyone has a life jacket on the boat and they are easily accessible at all times. Anyone 10 and under must remain in a life jacket whenever the boat is in motion. We do have life jackets available in various sizes at the resort for you to use free of charge if needed. You may still want to bring own that you know safely fits you and/or your child.

  • Due to Liability Issues, you must ask for prior consent if you want to pull anything behind one of our rental boats (including: tubes, waterskies, kayaks or other type of toy) please do not do so without asking, we want to be able to continue to offer this service throughout our future.

  MN Boating Laws 

  • MN Law has a few VERY IMPORTANT LAWS WE MUST ABIDE by and strictly enforce.

    • The state requires each boat stay at coastguard approved seating capacity ( this varies by boat, but is always listed on a fixed plaque within the hull usually by the console or stern if a tiller).



  • you must have (1) throwable floatation device onboard at all times (example. a boat cushion) on any boat 16' or longer.

  • The Captain must attach the kill switch to ones self, if equipped. 


Boat/ Pontoon rental and kayaks, canoe, and paddleboards

Liability Release  

This Liability Release is between Sunrise Or Sunset Resort, further referred to as " Sunrise/ Sunset", and the below named further as "{renter/ guest}" 

The renter/ guest agrees to hereby release from all liability and hold absolutely harmless Sunrise/ Sunset and any of its employees representing or related to Sunrise/ Sunset Resort. This official liability release is for any and all liability for personal injuries that could include up to death, also including property losses and/or damage in connection with any activity or accommodation of the above mentioned resort.

This Liability Release also includes our guests releasing Sunrise/ Sunset from any and all responsibilities, from any injuries on the property including but not limited to the cabins, RV park, decks, stairs, docks, boat launches, water trampoline, boat houses, fish cleaning houses, gas pumps, offices, garages/ work rooms, rec room, shoreline and water, dogs/pets.

The renter/ guest does hereby agree to further follow and abide regulations set forth by Sunrise/ Sunset Resorts while also remaining law abiding in Voyageurs National Park and the Great State of Minnesota. The renter/ guest agrees to cover any and all damages to rental equipment including but not limited to, the motor, skeg, lower unit, prop, trolling motor, fish finders and sonar, any trim or pontoons, the hull and any other part of the boat the can be broken... The renter/ guest agrees to cover any and all damages to rental equipment or the equipment we allow you to use free of charge like the kayaks, canoes and paddleboards up to the original purchase value of said equipment. We reserve the right to hold any and all damage deposit or charge the credit card on file if damage is not reported immediately or found after check out because it was "Hidden or Unreported". 

This contract shall be governed by the laws of the State of Minnesota in St. Louis County and any applicable federal law. By signing and submitting you are agreeing to the terms above.

We work very hard to keep you safe while you are here and provide a clean environment so have the ultimate vacation. These forms are here to protect us if we ever need them. Many people assume we have insurance on the boats. The fact is, no one will insure rental boats on these lakes because of the high risks of damage with the rough terrain and all the hidden obstacles right below the waters surface. We end up paying for it. We have lost a lot of money because of people committing " Hit & Runs". To try to keep our prices low, we thought we will change policy first so we have protection in place for when that happens, instead of ridiculously raising prices and passing them on to you. 

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